Home Business Eternit will no longer use abestos in Brazil

Eternit will no longer use abestos in Brazil


Eternit will no longer use abestos in Brazil

After years of judicial discussions on the use of asbestos in its products, Eternit, which from 2019 will no longer use the raw material in the manufacture of any product. The entire production of fiber cement tiles of the company will start using synthetic raw material, polypropylene. “We understand that the market no longer wants to consume asbestos products,” says the company’s president, Luís Augusto Barbosa.

Eternit is a registered trademark for fiber cement. The name “Eternit” is sometimes used as a generic term for fiber cement, but in fact it is a trademark for a brand of fiber cement, currently owned by the Belgian company Etex (parent company of Eternit Gmbh). Fiber is often applied in building and construction materials, mainly in roofing and facade products.

Asbestos is harmful to health and produces lung cancers after professional or occasional exposure (asbestosis). Starting from the seventies, asbestos use became progressively prohibited; However, in several countries, it is still used for building materials.