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Brazilian high-level delegation to attract investors in Frankfurt



A delegation of high-level Brazilian officials embarked to Frankfurt on Monday (Nov.28) aiming to attract more infrastructure investments to Brazil. The team is composed by the the Secretary-General of the Presidency, Moreira Franco, Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles, Minister of Transportation Maurício Quintella and Mines and Energy Minister Fernando Bezerra.

Held by Apex-Brasil in partnership with the Brazilian government, Banco do Brasil and Deutsche Bank, the Investment Opportunities in Brazil seminar begins on Thursday (Nov. 30). The trip is part of the Investment Partnership Programme (PPI), which consolidates several infrastructure concession and privatisation initiatives of the federal government.

Moreira Franco argued that one of the core factors driving the resumption of growth in the country is the creation of jobs and the expansion of incomes, which will only be possible to maintain with more investments. “With Brazilian and foreign capital, with all those who can bring us technology, knowledge and increased productivity. That is how we are going to move forward, and move forward now,” he said. (Source: Presidency of the Republic)