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CNA sees good prospects for agricultural production in 2018



Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Confederation (CNA) believes that in 2018, the agricultural sector, good agricultural perspectives for production should favor the sector. The positive evaluation was announced in a press release distributed on Tuesday (Dec. 5), with respect to the outlook for next year.

“The projection is positive for growth national economy in next year,” the CNA quoted. In its base scenario, the institution projects growth of 0.5% for GDP/Agribusiness Income. “The world production of grains will have to backsliding because of the high stocks, with this, positive conditions can be created for agricultural prices in Brazil,” the CNA evaluated.

“Another factor that will be decisive for Brazilian producers is the definition of the last North American harvest, before the disclosure of the American Agricultural Law, the Farm Bill.” In the second scenario considered by the CNA for 2018, if Congress and Administration do not lose focus in relation to reforms, the Brazilian economy as a whole can grow up to 2.5%. In this case, the projection for GDP/Agribusiness income is 1% next year.