Home Business Voltalia inaugurates its first solar plant in Brazil (in Northern Amapa State)

Voltalia inaugurates its first solar plant in Brazil (in Northern Amapa State)



The completion of the Oiapoque power plant, which was gradually commissioned since the end of October, enables Voltalia to have its first solar plant in Brazil. Announced in January 2017, the construction of the 4 MW solar unit adds to the initial project which combines a thermal unit (12 MW commissioned in December 2015) and a hydropower plant (7.5 MW), the completion of which is expected in 2021.

Oiapoque (Oyapock) is a municipality in the north of the state of Amapa, Brazil. Its population is 20,226 and its area is 22,625 square kilometres (8,736 sq mi).

As a reminder, Voltalia had won in 2014 the bid organized for the isolated site of Oiapoque, a city of 24 000 inhabitants not connected to the national electricity grid. Voltalia had then distinguished itself by being the only competitor to offer a hybrid power plant (hydro/thermal mix), thus producing cleaner and cheaper electricity than the one generated by the diesel generators used by the municipality so far.

Associating three sources of energy, including two renewable, this achievement once again highlights Voltalia’s industrial expertise as well as the agility of the teams. The production of the solar plant will be sold under the same terms as the 15-year electricity sales contract2 . This solar plant will optimize the existing infrastructure and operating costs of the plant by reducing the use of diesel fuel for electricity generation. Voltalia will thus be able to ensure the electricity consumption of the isolated city of Oiapoque thanks to a 90% renewable electricity production.

Specialist of small and medium production units, Voltalia develops, owns and operates power plants with a multi-energy strategy, by selecting the best sites for renewable power producer from wind, solar, hydro and biomass. An integrated industrial player, Voltalia is present throughout the value chain: development, construction, operation and maintenance of the power plants. Voltalia is present in France, Brazil, Greece, Morocco and French Guiana.