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Brazil’s minister of Defense visits Jordan and Tunisia


Brazil’s Defense Minister Raul Jungmann made an official visit to Middle East countries between December 1 and 5 to discuss issues related to common strategic agendas, cooperation in the area of ​​defense and the possibility of new business with the countries of the region .  Also participated at the mission  representatives of 14 Brazilian companies from the industrial defense base.

On Friday (Dec, 1), Jungman visited Tunisia, where he was received by Foreign Secretary Sabri Bachtobji, the chief of the Air Force, Mohamed Hajjem, and the Brazilian ambassador, Márcia Maro da Silva. At these meetings, possible areas of cooperation were considered, especially in the defense industry and border protection sectors.

In May 2017, during the International Defense and Security Fair (LAAD) held in Rio de Janeiro, Tunisia and Brazil signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two armed forces, in the areas as  education, operative medicine, social programs and peace operations.

In Aqaba, Jordan, on Saturday (Dec.2), the minister was received by King Abdullah II. Raul Jungmann highlighted the good diplomatic relationship between Brazil and Jordan, which began in 1949, and informed the king that next year a non-resident defense attache should be appointed for the country.

King Abdullah II visited Manaus (state of Amazonas) in March 2017, where he had the opportunity to assist the training of Brazil’s jungle special troops of the jungle. The monarch recalled the development of the project of the armored Osório.

Jungmann spoke of the peculiarities that unite the two countries: “We have similarities as democracy, concern for peace and global stability.” Finally, the minister announced that in 2018, Brazil’s Foreign Minister, Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes, will visit the country in March and possibly President Michel Temer will come in the middle of the year.

Jungmann also held meetings with officials to strengthen bilateral cooperation between Brazil and Jordan in the area of ​​defense. Meetings were held with the Foreign Minister, Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, and with the Chief of Staff, General Mahmoud Freihat.

On Sunday (Dec.3), he met with the Prime Minister, Hani Al-Mulki, and visited the KADDB (King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau), where an exhibition of defense material was held. During the meetings with Jordanian authorities, interest was shown in deepening relations in the area of ​​defense and the possibility of a cooperation agreement.

Topics related to military technology were also discussed. Jungmann highlighted Brazil’s border monitoring system: “We exchanged information related to the defense industrial base, especially on frontier technology, where they have a lot of technology and Brazil has SISFRON.”

The businessmen who accompany the minister during the mission attended several meetings over the weekend. Among them, a meeting with the Director of the Department of Projects of the Ministry of Defense.

For the president of the Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industry (ABIMDE), Carlos Frederico Queiroz de Aguiar, the chance to follow this mission is essential for the dissemination of Brazilian products and for the strengthening of commercial partnerships. The expectation is that next year, the government and business class of the two countries will meet for a new meeting.