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Luiza Sales, Brazilian jazz in New Delhi

Photo (The Hindu)


At a time when jazz music is finding its way into popular music, there has been a surge in festivals celebrating the form.

The ten-day festival Giants of Jazz is going on at New Delhi’s Piano Jazz Man Club in Hauz Khas featured last Saturday (Dec.1) performers of the Global Music Institute . “There is a lot of improvisation in the ethos of jazz and that can be something that the youth can identify with,” said Tarun Balani, one of the performers in the band, known for his collaboration with vocalist Chayan Adhikari in Time Machine project”, reporte Atif Khan in the Hindu newspaper.

Brazilian singer and songwriter Luiza Sales deserved from Khan a special mention: “ She joined the band with her own musical traditions from Brazil, emphasised the universality of music which travels beyond geographical boundaries”.

“Jazz has a broad spectrum that can mean a lot of things. Improvisation and the freedom to create and experiment are part of it. The interesting thing about Brazilian music is its incorporation of influences from other styles and making it sound very original, connected to our culture. It has our identity but it also communicates with people internationally,” said Sales.

Listen (Luiza Sales, You Tube)