Home Politics 2018 elections PSDB holds party convention and elects Alckmin as its president

PSDB holds party convention and elects Alckmin as its president



Representative Antonio Imbassahy, from the Brazilian Social Democratic Party – PSDB – resigned his role as Minister of Institutional Relations, acting as an intermediary between Temer and the rest of Congress. But he said he would be loyal to the embatled leader, who was slipping in the polls.

Imbassahy is the second minister of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party, a partner of the Temer coalition, to leave the cabinet in recent weeks. Several  of Temer’s allies want the party outside the cabinet entirely because it did not deliver votes. Temer loses a key ally, but he has been keeping cards close to his chest.

Today (Saturday Dec. 9), the Social Democratic party holds its meeting in Brasilia to acclaim Geraldo Alckmin as president of the Party and future presidential candidate. Alkimin became a consensus candidate after the dehydration of Joao Doria’s candidacy, mayor of Sao Paulo City.

PSDB still has internal differences. Aecio Neves, former governor of Minas Gerais, former president and party leader, who ran in 2014 against the elected candidate Dilma Rousseff, was reached by the Operation Car Wash, for corruption, losing his virtual presidential candidate position for 2018.

Alckmin will have a difficult mission as leader of PSDB. He needs to support the Pension Reform proposed by the Temer administration, which can strengthen the candidate of the current president, and who would be his competitor in 2018.

Another difficulty for Alckimin as PSDB president is the defection of Aloysio Nunes, current Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Temer government, who stated that he intends to remain at any cost in his position. Alckmin must break with the Temer government, which has a poor rating by voters, but will still have a member of his own party as current administration minister. This is highly embarrassing.

Temer plans to send the unpopular pension reform bill to Congress before Christmas. If the reform is rejected by Congress, Temer will blame the PSDB. Alckmin will have to show all his political skills as president of the PSDB to win the voters’ confidence in 2018.