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Trade associations press Congress to change the Tenders Law



The Trade associations linked to the infrastructure sector returned to Congress to try to encourage the deputies to analyze the Bill of Law 6,814 / 2017, which creates a new model of public procurement in the country, replacing the current laws of tender and electronic trading. The project was approved in the Senate at the end of last year, but he spent a year in the Chamber without processing. It awaits the formation of a temporary commission.

Deputy Joao Arruda, from Parana’s PMDB, is the favorite to recount the bill in the House that, in principle, tends to alter the bill that came from the Senate, which will lead to the need for a new vote by the senators. To the interlocutors, Arruda has been saying that, if he is the rapporteur, he wants to speed up the process.

The project of Senator Fernando Bezerra in the Senate incorporated dozens of innovations into the country’s public procurement process in an attempt to simplify the process and make it safer. However, the text did not please the groups of companies in the consultative engineering sector, which are contrary to the hiring system integrated in the RDC model (Differentiated Hiring Regime), which is now allowed; and medium-sized construction companies, which considered the requirements for contracting restrictive insurance coverage.

Brasinfra (Brazilian Infrastructure Trade Unions Class Association), an association created this year with the union of several representative entities of public works construction companies, presented a study to the government last month, pointing suggestions for changes in the project of Senator Fernando Bezerra.

In the case of the companies that participate in the new association, which also brings together the consultative companies, they took to the government a project that has consensus in 90% of the points.