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Energy of Belo Monte power plant reaches southeast



The transmission operation that transports energy from the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant in Pará to the Southeast region, the country’s main industrial center and electricity consumer, began on Tuesday, December 12.

The consortium that took over the project managed to deliver the line two months in advance, which brings relief to the consumer’s pocket. With the anticipation of the operations, the ONS (National Operator of the Electric System) must discard the use of more expensive thermal power to guarantee the supply.

Originally, Belo Monte’s energy would be dispatched first by a large line under the responsibility of Spain’s Abengoa, but the company abandoned the venture in the middle of a financial crisis at the end of 2015.

The project was undertaken by a specific purpose company, the Belo Monte Energy Transmitter (BMTE), a consortium made up China’s State Grid (51%), Furnas (24.5%) and Eletronorte (24.5%).