Home Article Commerzbank Krieger’s article:”Keeping faith in Brazil”

Commerzbank Krieger’s article:”Keeping faith in Brazil”

Photo: Thomas Krieger (International Banker)


“Brazil is finding light at the end of its tunnel. Despite the challenges it faces in the short-term, with trade and the close support of partners abroad, its economy can look forward to brighter prospects ahead”, said  Thomas Krieger, Regional Head of Latin America, Commerzbank AG, in an article (“Keeping Faith in Brazil” published on Dec. 18 in The International Banker.

Krieger sees Brazil entering into a moderate but consistent recovery: the country’s economy is set to a modest grow  in 2017, the Central Bank has cut the benchmark Selic interest rate by 50 basis point to a historic low of 7  per cent – down from 14.25 percent last year—inflation has been tamed to 2.54 percent, and rounds of quantitative easing have provided some liquidity and cheaper funding.


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