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Brazil-US Open-Skies agreement approved by the Lower House.


Brazil’s House of Representatives approved on Tuesday (Dec.20) an Open-Skies agreement between Brazil and the United States and will now be submitted to the Senate for approval, last step before its ratification.

In December 2010 Brazil and the US have agreed  to implement an Open-Skies aviation regime to significantly liberalize air services for airlines of both countries over a transition period. But for many years it faced opposition from lawmakers lobbied by  some local airline interests in Brazil, who feared competition from U.S. companies.

Last October, The National  Association of Airport Administration Companies (Aneaa) made a request the lower House a fast track for the voting. Representatives of American Airlines and Latam  also met President Michel Temer with the same request.

In Brazil, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) has already given green light to the deal.