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Viliam Mauritz and his Giant Step in Roraima State


Swiss artist Viliam Mauritz came to Brazil to meet the indigenous artist Macuxi, Jaider Esbell, whom he had met through social networks. The first personal contact between them took place earlier this year in Europe, where they began designing the partnership for a literally giant project in the state of Roraima, in the extreme north of Brazil. Mr. Mauritz sums up his project:
“This project, this idea is a kind of questioning:
What do we leave behind us, what do I leave behind me?
My goal is mainly to bring people to think about it, by “creating” a universally understandable image, by a visual action which can be understood by anybody on this Earth. As we all know, an image can say more than many words… Each realization (Australia, Hungary, etc.) is like a sculpture by itself, but all together they will build up an ensemble , like an exhibition… like sequences in our lives which actually compose our lives…”
“I’m trying to be an artist, and I’m not a politician or a businessman. Therefore, my action should be a piece of art, if we succeed, of course… realized together by people who are tied together by the basic: SURVIVING! It would be cool if everybody on this Earth could understand that the “Breathing Amazonia” is a MUST!!!”
The result of the project has not yet been disclosed for display, but a teaser is now available on Youtube.