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Air freight should grow by 65 percent ​​in the next 20 years, study revealed



The report released by the Ministry of Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation, on Wednesday Dec. 20, shows a growth projection for the Brazilian air freight of 65% in 20 years. The domestic load must have a growth of 88% in the period, while exports and imports must increase by 52%.

Movement of air freight grew by 24% in the last 10 years. The perspective is that the growth for the next 10 years is greater, 33%, accumulating 65% in 20 years.

As for the passengers, the demand for air transport can more than triple in 20 years, reaching more than 700 million passengers at Brazilian airports. The forecast is that Brazilian civil aviation moves 201.3 million passengers until the end of 2017, with an expectation of an increase of more than 2% with respect to 2016.

Cumulative growth through 2037 should be 104% at regional airports and 87% at systemic airports. However, systemic airports will have the representativeness of 90.7% of the movement of passengers in the country.

In addition, the number of trips per capita – number of trips by air transport in relation to the population – should vary from 0.54 (2017) to 0.97 (2037) in the conservative estimate, and to 1.69 (2037) optimistic . With this, Brazil will reach the level of countries like Japan (0.93) and Portugal (1.27). The United States and Australia have 2.55 and 3.01 trips per capita, respectively.