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Long live the president! but in fact what’s going on the president’s health?



Persistent rumors say President Temer’s state of health is more serious than the authorities tell the media and public opinion.

Since October the president has presented symptoms, which the spokesmen have tried to minimize. But the constant trips for short hospital stays in Sao Paulo hospitals raise suspicions that the president’s health may be more serious than his advisers say.

The president maintains the government’s command with much disposition, at least in appearance. Temer insists on the approval of strategic issues for the balance of public accounts and to bring the country back to the path of development.

The president gave up spending the New Year with his family in the state of Rio, contrary to official programming. A statement released by the Planalto Palace says the president would undergo a routine procedure.

We hope that President Temer will be able to move forward in the leadership of his team, and that in 2018 could achieve the goals of his government. However it would be good if the population could have accurate information about the health status of their leader.