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Temer is recovering from an infection after surgery. President’s aides said



President Temer health are garnering the attention of the media and public opinion. The journalist Simone Preissler Iglesias, from Bloomberg, wrote a article about the topic. The president’s aides seem to be forbidden to speak about it.

According the text President Michel Temer is recovering from a urinary tract infection from complications related to surgery last month, according to a member of his cabinet.

Temer is resting at the official Jaburu residence and taking antibiotics to combat the infection. He will travel to Sao Paulo in coming days for follow-up exams, said the person who asked not to be named because the president hadn’t authorized statements on his health. The presidential palace did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Temer’s official agenda stated that the president was taking care of internal business.

Since a prostate-related urinary obstruction that first surfaced over two months ago, Temer’s health has repeatedly been in the newspapers and he has had to cancel a number of trips, including an official visit to Asia and a beach holiday in Rio de Janeiro over New Year’s. The 77-year-old career politician is the oldest president in Brazil’s history.

The lengthy recovery from clearing the urethra is due to unforeseen complications and Temer failing to rest according to doctors’ orders, the person said.

On Nov. 24 he underwent an angioplasty of three coronary arteries with a stent implantation. The issues were unrelated and, despite the host of doctors’ visits, Temer faces no life-threatening health issues, according to the cabinet member.