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The taxi of the future is already on the drawing boards and will be flying



As 2018 gets underway, a couple of big multi-billion dollar deals are in play that could change the face of entire industries.

One blockbuster deal could reshape the global aerospace industry: Aircraft maker Boeing has held talks about a multi-billion dollar takeover of Brazil’s Embraer.

The deal, should it go ahead, would combine the world’s largest aerospace company with the third largest passenger jet maker.

The Brazilian government would have to sign off on it, and the two players have only confirmed they’ve had private talks. But the move is being viewed as significant within the industry.

In October, European rival Airbus secured a controlling stake in the C-series jet from Canada’s Bombardier.

Meanwhile, Embraer and NASA are teaming up with Uber on its flying taxi project. Uber’s deadline for testing flying taxis is the 2020s.

“There’s a lot of psychological barriers…. Aviation is the safest form of public transport, but nonetheless you will see an intense focus before those pilotless aircrafts are going to be permitted…, it’s not that the problems are really technical, the problems are almost certainly psychological and regulatory,” says Peter Morris, chief economist at Global Flight.