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Azerbaijan and its dynamic relations with Brazil



Azerbaijani Ambassador to Brazil Elnur Sultanov met Brazil’s Minister for Women’s Rights Eleonora Menicucci. During his presentation the Ambassador of Azerbaijan spoke about the works implemented in women’s and children policy, state programs, national legislation and the main priorities in the international cooperation in Azerbaijan. He also suggested a greater cooperation between the Azerbaijan State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs and Brazil’s Special Secretariat for Women’s Rights. Ambassador Sultanov also informed the Brazilian Minister about the historic role of women and their current engagement in the society of Azerbaijan.

On November 6, 2013, the Foreign Relations Committee of Rio de Janeiro City Council adopted a draft law on the sister-ship program between Baku and Rio de Janeiro. On December 3rd, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes signed the law on the twinning of Baku and Rio de Janeiro cities which came into force on December 4.

The common features of Baku and Rio de Janeiro are the cultural events, dynamic life style, their respective rich history, grandiose architecture and their emphasis given to sports; all of these items were particularly highlighted in the adopted law. Baku and Rio de Janeiro are known as two of the world’s cultural heritage centers and are visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The close strategic partnership of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the Federative Republic of Brazil is a testimony to Baku’s dynamic foreign policy implemented under the vision of National Leader Heydar Aliyev and the leadership of H. E. President Ilham Aliyev. Such an interactive partnership is also one of the concrete results of the Baku Process, a platform that has increased diplomatic communication and cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and other major global players such as Brasilia.

As Assoc. Prof. Dr. Honoris Causa Sabahudin Hadžalić emphasized, “Azerbaijan should focus on innovative challenges working and coordinating efforts within economic fields closely with Latin America countries. The effects of the future technologies are unknown, but policy challenges related to current technologies illustrate the magnitude of the shifts. Job losses are expected as technology transforms manufacturing and services in the coming years, raising questions about how quickly new jobs will be created and about the future of economic development models based on exporting labor-intensive manufacturing products.”

In continuation to this fruitful partnership, Brasilia is expected to strengthen its versatile cooperation in the following fields: cultural projects, economic, bilateral trade and logistical sector. Moreover, the Republic of Azerbaijan is highly motivated, has a lucrative propensity, to strengthen its bilateral cooperation on economic development and political dialogue with its partners in South America.

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