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Revenue from exports of chicken meat closed 2017 with an increase of 5.7%

In natura pork shipments in December grow in volume and revenue

Francisco Turra


Foreign exchange revenue from Brazilian poultry exports (considering all products, in natura and processed products) increased by 5.7% in 2017, according to the Brazilian Animal Proteins Association (ABPA). In all, $ 7.236 billion was obtained in the twelve months of last year, compared to $ 6.848 billion in 2016.

In volumes, sector shipments closed the year with a decrease of 1.4%, with a total of 4.320 million tons. In 2016, the sector exported 4.383 million tons.

In the last month of 2017, the sector shipped 321.5 thousand tons of chicken meat, a balance 11.2% lower than the one obtained in the same period of 2016, with 362.1 thousand tons. In revenue, there was a decrease of 8.6%, with US $ 523.8 million – in December 2016, US $ 573 million

“The results are in line with ABPA’s forecast for the year, with better revenue performance, even with a slight drop in shipped volumes. The international market is still under pressure, favoring product prices. The fact of never having registered Avian Influenza in its territory, of maintaining good diplomatic relations with the international markets and of having, once again, proven to the world the quality of its products were primordial for the performance of the sector in the year “, analyzes Francisco Turra, chief executive of ABPA.

Pork in natura – Revenues from pork shipments in natura totaled US $ 1.465 billion in 2017, a balance that surpasses the previous year’s performance of US $ 1.349 billion, up by 8.6%. In volume, there was a reduction of 5.7%, with 592.6 thousand tons last year, against 628.3 thousand tons in 2016.

December shipments totaled 43.9 thousand tons, 2% more than in the same period of 2016, with 43 thousand tons. The balance was also positive in revenue, with US $ 101.9 million – 4.3% higher than the US $ 97.6 million recorded in 2016.

“The results of exports of pork in natura in December were favored by the good levels of shipments to Hong Kong, China, Argentina, Chile, Albania and Georgia, reducing the effect of the retractions in volumes registered in certain periods of the year and improving even more the foreign exchange balance of sales, “explains Ricardo Santin, ABPA’s vice president of markets.