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Supreme Court request Temer answer 50 questions in alleged graft probe



Supreme Court (STF) sent a list of 50 questions drafted by the Federal Police (PF) to Planalto Palace on Wednesday Jan. 3th to be answered by President Michel Temer, reports a report published in this week’s issue of Época magazine.

The 50 questions are part of an investigation into alleged corruption involving a decree regulating the country’s ports, a government spokesman said on Friday.

Investigation would like to know if whether Temer took bribes in exchange for shaping the decree in a way that would benefit logistics firm Rodrimar SA, which operates some services in the Port of Santos, Latin America’s busiest container port.

The decree was signed by Temer in May last year and extended the term of concession contracts for port areas from 25 years to 35 years, and can be extended to 70 years. The deadline for contracts governing port concessions, benefiting current operators.

The investigation adds to several graft allegations that have hammered Temer’s presidency, though he has so far managed to avoid a trial with the backing of Congress.

The questions were elaborated by Cleyber Malta Lopes, chief police officer, who is in charge of the inquiry into suspicion that a presidential decree was tailored to the interests of the port sector. The Supreme Court gave the President 15 days to answer the questions.

Temer has denied any role in the corruption scandals.

Temer’s attorney Antonio Mariz told Reuters on Friday he would answer the questions even though he is not legally obliged to do so.

The spokesman declined to expand on the content of the list of questions.

According to the magazine, the questions reveal suspicions of receiving a bribe by Michel Temer and his main allies. Among them, the former deputy Rodrigo Rocha Loures, famous for being caught in a runway with the $ 500,000 suitcase delivered by the JBS refrigerator.