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10 Brazilian Airports and four airlines are among the most punctual in the world



10 airports and four airlines in Brazil are on the list of the most punctual in the world, according to the annual report of the British consultancy OAG, which evaluated 57 million flights and the 250 airlines that flew the most in 2017. 12th place, with 84.14% of punctuality, among the 20 best companies in the world. And the airports of Confins (MG) and Afonso Pena (PR) are the two most punctual in the country.

The OAG’s criterion for classifying the flight as “punctual” is to take off or land with a delay of less than 15 minutes, including canceled flights that reduce the punctuality of the company or the airport. In addition, the consultant evaluated the 20 largest global routes (domestic and international). The Congonhas-Santos Dumont shuttle was considered the 5th busiest domestic route in the world.

In the case of airports, Curitiba (PR), Recife (PE) and Porto Alegre (RS) are among the 20 most punctual in the world in the category “small airports”, which considers the offer of 2.5 million to 5 million of seats flights per year. The Curitiba terminal had the best classification among Brazilians, 14th place, with 84.65% of punctuality. Recife was in 17th place (83.61%) and Porto Alegre, in 20th place (83.45%).

The Confins airport, in Belo Horizonte (MG), had the best punctuality score among the terminals in the country evaluated by the OAG, with an 84.96% punctuality. The result secured the fourth place for the terminal in the category “average airports”. In the same category, the airports of Santos Dumont (7th) and Viracopos (12th) were classified, with 84.33% and 83.14% of punctuality, respectively.

In the category of “large airports”, Brasilia was in fourth place, with 84.58% of flights (arrival and departure) operated with up to 15 minutes of delay. Galeao and Congonhas make up the list of the 20 most punctual in the world, in the ranking between 10 and 20 million seats in the flights per year. Guarulhos, on the other hand, was in 11th place in the category “mega airports” (between 20 to 30 million), with 79.70% of punctuality.

Among the 20 best airlines in the world, according to the OAG classification, Azul obtained the best result among the national companies, the 12th place, with 84.14% of punctuality. Among the mega airlines of the world, the Latam group remained in the 8th place, with 79.39% of punctuality. In the category “airlines”, Avianca was ranked 16, with 81.44%.