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Paraguay and U.S. are biggest source of illegal foreign guns in Brazil



The Federal Police (PF) made a diagnosis about the entry of illegal weapons in Brazil and mapped the route of this trade. The report revealed that the armaments come mainly from Paraguay (light weapons) and from the United States (heavy weapons).

In the report, the federal police traced the profile of traffickers and arms traffickers, the geographical aspects and the modus operandi of the criminals. The report shows that most of the pistols and revolvers that end up in the hands of criminal factions -mainly in the southeastern states- come from Paraguay. Rifles and rifles have their origin in the United States.

After Paraguay and the US, the main suppliers of illegal arms for the Brazilian territory are Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay, concluded the Federal Police. The entrance route of the artifacts is the triple border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. According to the document, 99% of smuggled weapons enter the country through land borders.

The uprising was made based on the tracking of the weapons that enter illegally in the country, considering where they came from and how they arrived in the Brazilian territory.

In the document, the chief of the Federal Police Luis Flávio Zampronha suggests the adoption of actions to make the fight against arms trafficking more effective in Mercosur.

“The US continues to be the largest indirect source of illegal handguns and assault rifles as a result of unrestricted sales in stores and fairs in American cities,” the report said.

The report calls for international bodies such as the United Nations and the Mercosur trade bloc to offer more support to stop illegal arms trafficking, as well as for more bilateral agreements such as a 2006 deal between Brazil and Paraguay to cooperate in combating the arms trade.

Outside the military, Brazilians can legally own guns only if they meet a series of stiff checks and even then can buy only small caliber weapons. In these instances, guns are allowed for rural residents who need them for daily subsistence, hunters and those who can prove they need a gun for self-defense.

While laws on gun purchases in the United States vary from state to state and also depend on the type of weapon being sold, it can be a fairly simple process to buy a gun, or to acquire one that was legally sold to another person.