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Court of Accounts requested changes in the auction notice for modifies road concession

Federal Court of Audit (TCU)


Technical sector of ​​the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) delivered on December 21 its report with more than 600 items analyzing the feasibility studies and the draft of the edict for the concession of the RIS (integration south highway), which government’s intend extend the current Concebra concession for two other roads in Rio Grande do Sul, the BR-101 and BR-386/448. The RIS is the only highway that appears in the PPI (Investment Association Program) that has studies in analysis by the court for the concession.

Secretary of the internal body, superior to the technicians, has already endorsed the orders that are now to be analyzed by the cabinet of the rapporteur of the process, Minister Augusto Nardes, who can maintain or modify them in his proposal that goes to the plenary of the body.

Among the determinations, some are being considered as a complete change in the current highway concession model in the country. The organ wants the edict to bring “limits and conditions for the insertion and exclusion of works or obligations of the contract”, saying even what can not be modified. In addition, he wants the cost of new works not to be fully reviewed by the user of the road, suggesting the adoption of alternative measures to this one.

The text is being considered by technicians and analysts of concessions as in practice, a return to the model of public works, since it would be difficult for public agents to obtain in the edict to be certain of which interventions go from done in a period as long as that of a concession, 30 years in this case. The current model foresees the works carried out according to the need, which is given by quality parameters of the road, which is practically unviable if those determinations are met, in the vision of those technicians.