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ABPA participates of a mission in the European Commission

Francisco Turra. Chairman ABPA. Photo Edi Pereira


CEO Francisco Turra, of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), and the technical vice president, Rui Eduardo Saldanha Vargas, are in Brussels (Belgium) for a mission with the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), Blairo Maggi and the team of the ministry in visiting the European Commission.

During the meetings, MAPA and ABPA detailed the excellence of the Brazilian production system and the improvements to give even more quality guarantees to importers. Sustainability was also on the agenda of the meetings, with the presentation of data and analysis by Embrapa.

On the occasion, Turra and Vargas highlighted the Brazilian sanitary status, unique among the world’s major producers to never register Avian Influenza in its territory, thanks to biosecurity care in the productive structure.

“Representations of the European Union stressed that the private initiative has fulfilled its role in meeting the requirements necessary to export to the Bloc,” says Turra.