Home Administration ‘Brazil is back in business’ tells Temer in Davos

‘Brazil is back in business’ tells Temer in Davos



In his keynote address President Temer on first visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos, the trumpeted the fiscal consolidation efforts and economic reforms. “Brazil has come back to the growth track,” he said. “We have passed crucial reforms”, said Temer.

He announced that the country overcame the crisis “the most severe recession we have ever faced in Brazil” and now state-owned enterprises has “substantial profits” at, record-breaking crop yields and a large fall in inflation.

“Many are asking if our journey isn’t threatened by up-coming elections in Brazil, Let me tell you, with conviction: we’ll complete our journey,” he said, promising that his flagship pension reform will be approved this year and that nobody will regret investing in Brazil.

“We have turned the page of the economic crisis because we were able to say no to populism and acted responsibly, moved by a long-term vision, our government has been building, through a permanent dialogue with the National Congress and the society, the foundations of an efficient state which provides its citizens with quality services within a balanced budget. These also constitute the foundations for sustainable growth, indispensable to advance the development of Brazil and effectively remove millions of Brazilians from poverty” said the President.

“We are a country with continental dimensions, located far from geopolitical tensions. These are the reasons which have always made Brazil an attractive destination for investors. In recent times, the problem was that the country had somewhat lost its bearings.”

“Well then, what our government did again was to bring Brazil back on course. From the outset, we were clear about the course which we ought to follow: the course of responsibility, of openness, of freedoms. And we will not divert from such a course; neither will we divert ourselves from it.”

“This is the message which I have conveyed to the Brazilian people and which I am taking to Davos”, was concluded the President Temer.

Temer’s speech in Davos