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Brazil and global orange (and orange juice) production declining in 2018


Brazil’s orange production in  2018 is expected to go down a whopping 15 percent to 17.3 million tons based on an offyear cycle and lower yields, according to the latest (January 2018) issue of the USDA’s “Citrus: World Markets and Trade”.

On what refers to orange juice, Brazil’s production in 2018 is slated to plunge 16 percent to 1.2 million tons on fewer oranges for processing as orange juice production contracts. Exports are down similarly on smaller supplies. As the largest producer, Brazil accounts for three-quarters of global orange juice exports.

USDA’s  Global View.

Global orange production for 2017/18 is forecast to tumble 4.0 million metric tons from the previous year to 49.3 million as unfavorable weather leads to smaller crops in Brazil, the EU, and the United States, more than offsetting a slightly larger crop in China, said the USDA’s study.

Global orange juice production for 2017/18 is forecast down 16 percent to 1.7 million metric tons (65 degrees brix) as Brazil falls from last year’s rebound. Consumption is forecast down, led by the United States and the EU. Exports and stocks are expected to fall 8 percent and 9 percent, respectively, on reduced Brazilian and U.S. production.

Full USDA-FAS “Citrus: World Markets and Trade” (January 2018)