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Chicken meat exports total 330 thousand tons in January

Francisco Turra


Research of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) show that shipments of chicken meat (considering all products, in natura and processed) totaled 330.9 thousand tons in January. The balance is 8.8% lower than that obtained in the same month of 2017 (with 362.9 thousand tons), but exceeds by 3% the performance of December last year (321,100 tons).

In revenues, the total balance of exports reached US $ 521.9 million, 13.3% lower than the 601.7 million dollars obtained in January last year, and 0.1% lower than the result of December , US $ 522.5 million.

“The exports of January of this year presented excellent performance when we compare with the history of the shipments registered in the period, except for the numbers of January 2017, when there was a historical rise.” Sales for the United Arab Emirates, Japan and South Africa they were the positive highlights at the beginning of the year “, analyzes Francisco Turra, executive president of ABPA.

Exports of pork meat in natura totaled 45.2 thousand tons in January of this year, 17 percent lower than the 54,500 tons shipped in January 2017, but 3 percent higher than the volume shipped in December, 43.9 thousand tons.

With this, sales revenue for the first month of 2018 reached 97.5 million dollars, 21.8% lower than the 124.6 million in January last year, and 4.3% lower than the balance of December (US $ 101.9 million).

“Strong sales for China and Hong Kong reduced the impacts caused by the Russian embargo on Brazilian pork, and the Chinese market, for example, increased its purchases by more than 120% compared to January 2017” Turra.