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ABPA: Zimbabwe opens to market for Brazil poultry genetics



Zimbabwe accepted the proposed International Health Certificate proposed by Brazil, and is the most recent open market for the national genetics sector. The information was transmitted today, Jan. 07th, by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil to Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA).

The current destination of Brazilian chicken meat, the African country will now move to import genetic material and day-old chicks from genetic houses installed in Brazil.

Recently, countries in the southern region of Africa – including Zimbabwe – recorded outbreaks of Avian Influenza, causing impacts on local production.

“With the health problems registered, the sector of the region began to demand high quality genetic material.For not having registered Avian Influenza in its territory, Brazil consolidated itself as an international reference in the supply and backup of this segment, and will now supply The opening of this market to a segment of high added value makes explicit the international recognition of the Brazilian sanitary status “, highlights Francisco Turra, executive president of ABPA.