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Brazilian stock exchange of cryptocurrencies will be launched this month


Wuzu launches a platform in Brazil this month with the four main crypto-coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, by means of state-of-the-art technology, giving the crypto transactions with agility, security and compliance with all standards of the global financial industry. In the last 13 months, the volume traded in Bitcoin in Brazil jumped from R $ 210 thousand to R $ 113 million per day, according to market data.

Wuzu will enable the creation of a network of crypto-currency brokerages to connect two or more trading venues, where when an order is sent at one end, any broker in the network can access it in another, thus ensuring greater liquidity for execute orders and greater efficiency, with guaranteed security.

“The crypto-currency market, an evolution of the traditional financial market, is a reality and has transformed the global flow of capital. Unlike current crypto-currency trading systems, the Wuzu system has a scalable architecture based on the world’s major stock exchanges. The language used is cutting-edge, resulting in a superior execution capability than any other system available on the market, “said Anderson Nery, co-founder of the platform.

With the architecture designed as a stock exchange environment, Wuzu can list a new asset every two weeks, with each asset having its architecture segregated. Crypto derivative contracts will also be added over 2018.

“Wuzu’s secure architecture features micro-service-based technology. This is a method of architecture development with a set of modular and independent services, in which each service runs a single process, which supports several platforms and devices, including web, smartphones and IoT devices. explains André Carrera, also a co-founder.

The implementation of the system is fast and costs 10 times less compared to other solutions on the market.