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Contemporary art from Brazil in Ireland



Fascinating exhibition has mixture of styles, says Mary Fogarty

Work by 10 Brazilian artists is on display at Signal Arts Centre in Bray, as part of ‘Facets of Brazil’.

This is the first group exhibition from Tres Brazilian Cultural Centre.

Bray native and acclaimed artist Brian Maguire was the guest speaker at the official launch of the show this week.

Through their work, the artists involved are helping to support the work done in Ireland by the Tres Brazilian cultural Centre.

The contemporary work covers diverse styles from different regions of Brazil and emphasises the mixture of work produced through different media types.

Featured in this exhibition are photographers Bete Coutinho, Elis Taves O’Sullivan and Gui Mazzoni.

Artists such as Beto Kelner, Claudia Coutinho, Deborah de Brito, Gilda Queiroz, Junia Neves and Marta von Zeidler will be representing different approaches taken through modern painting, and Beta França will be showcasing sculpture.

Last Friday, the artists joined a discussion panel to talk to visitors about their work.

The show will be on at Signal until Sunday, February 18.

The aim of the Tres Brazilian Cultural Centre is to showcase Brazilian culture to a multicultural audience, as Ireland is portrayed today. It is already known for organising events such as ‘Brazil Meets Bray’, and has been participating in the Annual Culture Night programme since 2016.

All of these events are produced specifically for the local community.