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President Temer Announces Creation of Public Safety Ministry



According Folha newspaper President, Michel Temer, in a meeting in Rio de Janeiro, announced the creation of a Ministry for Public Safety.

The new ministry was a decision recently made by the Temer administration. President Temer confirmed it on Saturday, February 17, during a meeting to deal with the federal intervention in the public safety area in Rio de Janeiro.

In an announcement after the meeting, Temer said that the new ministry will coordinate the work in public safety in the entire country.

The outline made by the government shows that the Federal Police, the Federal Road Police and the National Safety Force will be under the new ministry, which will lead to a relative reduction of the tasks of the states in the public safety area.

The head of the new ministry has not been announced yet. One of the candidates is José Mariano Beltrame, the former public safety secretary of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The new ministry is part of the president’s strategy to help his administration leave a mark in the area of public safety. An internal survey carried out by Temer’s party showed that the issue of safety is one of Brazilians’ main worries for the presidential elections this year.

Folha has learned that the new ministry will have an extraordinary nature, which means that it will have a time period and may be closed when the crisis in the sector reduces.

In the meeting, President Temer heard from Rio de Janeiro authorities and politicians that the situation of public safety in the state cannot be resolved without federal resources to reorganize the state police.

Those attending the meeting said that no arrangements for the operations in the intervention were made. No names to lead the state public safety forces were mentioned, either.