Home Business Sale of Power Distributors will be on Apr. 30th, say Eletrobras’ CEO

Sale of Power Distributors will be on Apr. 30th, say Eletrobras’ CEO



Eletrobras works with The sale of the six power distribution companies on April 30, said the state company CEO, Wilson Ferreira Junior. At the end of 2017, the shareholders extended up to the July 31 deadline for the transfer of control.

But in the case of privatization of utilities under the administration of Eletrobras, literally time is money. Today companies are loss-making and countertops with money from RGR (Global Reversion Reserve), but from May these companies will no longer receive the allowance. And the future driver will have to return the loan. At stake is the continuity of power supply in these six states.

Public hearings suspended

One of the problems for the fulfillment of the privatization schedule is preventing the holding of public hearings. There is a legal obligation of the sessions occur in states where the companies are based, but protests by unions and protesters are preventing these meetings happen.

On Tuesday Feb. 27th, a public hearing to discuss the privatization of Ceal, energy distributor in Alagoas, was suspended due to the demonstrations of trade unionists.

BNDES, responsible for meetings, struggled to promote other four public hearings: Ceron (Rondônia), Boa Vista (Roraima), Eletroacre and Amazonas Energia. All were discontinued. On Wednesday Feb. 28th, is planned to hold the session Cepisa (Piauí).

Amazon, the most problematic

Amazonas Energia, a company more deficit among the six distributors, faces one last challenge that needs to be completed this week: the unbundling or separation of its distribution and generation and transmission. The deadline for this to happen until Mar. 2.

To get investors interested in dealerships, the state assumed debt of R $ 11.24 billion, more rights and obligations relating to sectoral funds in the amount of R $ 8.477 billion. In contrast, the new drivers should invest resources to ensure the quality of supply.