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Supreme Court included the President in a survey for corruption



On the same day that the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) decided to ask Federal Supreme Court (STF) Minister Edson Fachin to include Michel Temer in an investigation of Odebrecht’s R $ 10 million onlendings to the MDB in 2014 , STF Minister Gilmar Mendes met with the President of the Republic at the Jaburu Palace.

Also present was the new Minister of Public Security, Raul Jungmann. According to Mendes, in an interview with Andreia Sadi’s blog, on G1 portal, they discussed “general issues”.

Asked about the request of the PGR involving the president, Gilmar Mendes said that there is a decision in the Supreme Court of Justice Celso de Mello that the president can be investigated, but not processed, in relation to acts committed before the term. Temer assumed the presidency of the Republic in 2016.

“It makes sense, of course, that he is not even investigated so as not to disturb and give the president immunity from previous facts,” Mendes said. Then he said there was “an argument for both sides”. “I think that would be the logic of the system, but it has an argument against it too: the evidence can be harmed, people can die, witnesses,” the minister explained.

Gilmar Mendes also commented on the departure of the director of the Federal Police (PF), Fernando Segovia. For the minister, the resignation was made “awkward”, although he agrees that he has lost the conditions to remain at the head of the institution, due to the statements he gave about the investigation that Temer benefited the company Rodrimar, with the edition of a decree that extends concession contracts in the port of Santos, in May 2017.

However, Mendes also used to criticize Attorney General Raquel Dodge, who asked the minister Luis Roberto Barroso a court order for Segovia to refrain from “any act of interference on the ongoing criminal prosecution.”