Home Agribusiness Chicken meat exports totaled 310,500 tons in February

Chicken meat exports totaled 310,500 tons in February

Pork sales reach 35 700 tonnes in the month

Francisco Turra

Brazilian exports of chicken meat totaled 310,500 tons in February, reports the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA).   The result is 5.9% lower than the total in the same period 2017 when they were shipped 329,900 tons.

The performance of shipments in the second month of the year generated revenues of US $ 496.2 million, balance 12.2% lower than that obtained in February last year with US $ 564.8 million.

In the quarter, total exports reached 640,900 tons, 7.5% less than the 692,900 tons shipped accumulated in the first two months of 2017.   Revenuefor the period totaled $ 1.016 billion, a result 12.9% compared to US $ 1.166 billion in the previous year.

“Despite the lower sales performance for the European Union, the balance of exports remained above 300 000 tonnes, which is a great sign for the sector.   South Africa, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and Mexico are among the markets that showed strong rise in imports, “says the chief executive of ABPA, Francisco Turra.

Pig meat   in natura   –     Sales of pork   in natura   totaled 35,700 tons in February, 19.1% lower volume than the 44,100 tons shipped in the same period 2017.   In revenue performance in the sector reached US $ 76.9 million in the second month of the year, the balance 25% lower than the US $ 102.6 million obtained in the previous year.

For the year, shipments reached 81,000 tons, number 17% lower than the 98,600 tons shipped in 2017.   Revenues from quarter sales reached $ 174.4 million, 23.3% less than the US $ 227.2 million made in 2017.

“Sales to China follow rapidly growing in numbers 162% higher than in 2017.   Other markets also increased their imports, as is the case of Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, which reduced the Russian blockade effects on pork imports from Brazil, “said Ricardo Santin, vice president of ABPA markets.