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Supreme Court includes Temer on list of corruption suspects



Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Edson Fachin on Friday ordered President Michel Temer be included in an ongoing investigation into 10 million reais ($3.07 million) in illicit funds his Brazilian Democratic Party allegedly received from construction firm Odebrecht [ODBES.UL] in 2014, according to a court document.

Supreme Court Justice Edson Fachin Friday added President Michel Temer to a list of suspects under investigation for alleged acts of corruption involving construction giant Odebrecht, said a court document.

Odebrecht made the alleged payment in 2014, when Temer was vice president. Carlos Marun, Temer’s political affairs minister, earlier said that any investigation into the president would only find that he committed no crimes.

Earlier this week, Brazil’s Attorney General Raquel Dodge requested that Temer be investigated based on new testimony, despite the fact that the constitution bars him from being charged for crimes committed before he became president as long as he remains in office.

Dodge and Fachin agreed that constitutional immunity applies to criminal responsibility, not to investigations.

The list of suspects also includes Eliseu Padilha and Moreira Franco, both ministers and Temer’s close allies.

Odebrecht executives confessed last year that they had paid bribes to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, which Padilha and Franco ran between 2013 and 2015.

Claudio Mello Filho, a former Odebrecht executive, told investigators that the company agreed to transfer 10 million reais (3.07 million U.S. dollars) to Temer’s Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, to gain an advantage in airport deals with the government.

Since this case began, Temer has denied any wrongdoing and said the measures had been finalized after a long negotiation between the government and the port sector.