Home Business Dumping investigation: ABPA presents defense on this Wednesday in Beijing

Dumping investigation: ABPA presents defense on this Wednesday in Beijing



The Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) will present on Wednesday Mar. 7th the defense of the export sector of chicken meat from Brazil forward the investigation into the alleged dumping filed by the Chinese government in audience at the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Beijing (China).

Brazil ‘s argument was prepared by MPA offices Trade Law (Brazil) and Hylands Law Firm (China), and relied on subsidies from all driven Brazilian exporters.

In addition to the ABPA, media companies and Chinese importers will participate in the hearing.

The investigation was initiated in August 2017 and set off a charge by producers of Chinese poultry. The process included even companies that do not export to China.

The ABPA argues that there is no damage or causal link between Brazilian exports and any possible site marketing situation.

“We follow strictly the regulations of the World Trade Organization. We do not practice dumping. We respect local producers, while we seek to contribute to China ‘s food security. It is a strong partnership that we are back from 2009 and will make every effort to preserve, “says Francisco Turra, chief executive of ABPA.

In 2017, China imported about 9.2% of the total poultry meat shipped by Brazil, and around 7.1% of exports of pork. The Asian country was the target 391,000 tons of poultry and 48 900 tons of pork, which together generated $ 861 million in foreign exchange for the Brazilian trade balance.