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India must fill gap in 70-150 seat aircraft class: Embraer



‘Country’s market has stabilised over 5-6 years’

India’s appetite for the 70-seater to 150-seater aircraft categories still lags its BRICS peers, said an Embraer official.

Speaking to the media at the Wings India 2018 civil aviation show, Brazilian business jet manufacturer Embraer Asia-Pacific vice president Cesar Souto Pereira said that compared with other countries such as Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa, India had to ‘catch up’ and fill this gap.

Pointing out that there was high concentration along the trunk routes, he said that six airports see a movement of 60%, which creates infrastructure problems. On the flip side, Mr. Pereira pointed out, India remained an important market and was the fastest-growing in Asia.

Market conditions for business jets in the country had stabilised, said Embraer vice president (Sales), Asia Pacific and Middle East Claudio Camelier. “In India, the market has stabilised [over] the past five or six years and the fleet has been stable with 140 to 145 airplanes,” he said.

‘40% market share’

Mr. Camelier added that Embraer had gained a 40% market share over the past five years. The Embraer private fleet in India comprises 17 jets with five in possession of the government.

The company has projected that worldwide, there would be 750 deliveries of business jets across suppliers per year for the next 10 years.

North America continued to remain a primary market followed by Europe, Middle East and Africa, it said in a statement.