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Temer can extradite Battisti — prosecutor

Lula's decision can be reviewed, according to opinion


Battisti with Workers' Party ministers and members


The Brazilian Federal Prosecution Office appears to have opened the road for former leftwing terrorist Cesare Battisti to be extradited to Italy. In an opinion sent to the Supreme Federal Court (STF), the office rejected the assertion of Battisti’s defence team that the decree impeding his extradition signed by ex-president Lula Da Silva could not amended by current President Michel Temer.

In its opinion, the Federal Prosecution Office said “the decision is exclusively of the president of the republic”. Italy is trying to have the 63-year-old extradited so he can serve two life terms for the four murders committed in the ‘Years of Lead’ of rightist and leftist terror.

Battisti was arrested in October when he was stopped from entering Bolivia in a taxi, amid reports the Brazilian Temer had decided to lift his political-refugee status, granted by former Lula in 2010. He was subsequently released, pending a ruling.

Battisti, a former member of the Armed Proletarians for Communism (PAC) group, said he was not trying to flee.