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Secretary Novacki delivery subdivision certificates in ABPA



New partitioning were made official today at an event in Sao Paulo

The production units of poultry of Seara Alimentos, Itapiranga (SC), and genetics of the egg sector of the Hy-Line Brazil, New Granada (SP) today received the subdivision certificate, delivered by the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), Eumar Novacki at the headquarters of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), in São Paulo (SP).

Received by the CEO of ABPA, Francisco Turra, and representatives of the board, the governing board and associated companies, the Secretary Novacki He emphasized the importance of working for the preservation of the health status of the productive sector.

“We are committed to support the sector in the expansion of partitioning programs, which put the country at the forefront of international biosecurity. There is an intense work of the Ministry for the productive structure of the Brazilian poultry industry is strengthened, “he said.

Already Francisco Turra points out that the subdivision is an important step to enhance the industry’s image in the international market.

“Brazil is the only major producer in the world to ever register Avian Influenza in its territory. It is also the first to adopt the compartmentalized production model, which enables more effective responses to health risks. Are decisive competitive advantages in the international market and that should make the country move further as world leader in poultry exports. At this time of countless challenges for the sector, it is essential to remind the world that we are not leaders by chance, “he said.

The units of Seara Alimentos and Hy-Line Brazil are the first producers of poultry meat and laying genetics to receive the certification.

As well as representatives from the private sector, attended the meeting members of the state agricultural protection agencies of Santa Catarina and Sao Paulo.

How it works: The partitioning is a program that basically consists in structuring the production compartments, which map plants and farms and insulate structures.

With this production model, the response to epidemiological events will be faster and easier to control, reducing the economic impacts generated and giving greater health security to the production chain.

At the same time, being isolated, compartmentalized system provides better guarantees of continuity of international sales in the event of sanitary eventualities.

As the only major global producer never register Avian Influenza, Brazil won with the partitioning a great competitive advantage in the international market, offering greater guarantees to international customers, and make more effective harm reduction in occasional sanitary events.

Currently only producing farms of Cobb-Vantress (poultry genetics cut) are certified. Mills broiler BRF (Lucas do Rio Verde) and San Salvador Food (SSA), in addition to producing genetics Aviagen and Hendrix Genetics, are in the final stage of foreclosure.

The compartmentalization of the poultry projects were initiated in 2008 with support from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).