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Pinheiro Neto outlines the efforts that are paving the way towards bilateral economic and social development between India and Brazil

The 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Brazil and India, which began with installation of the Brazilian embassy in New Delhi in the following year of India independence, is celebrated in 2018. The similarities of both countries may be a good perspective to explain the critical value of such partnership to Brazil, which has grown stronger through so many different times and contexts.

Both countries are democracies with a multi-ethnical, multi-cultural and multi-religious society, with a vast territory, heavily populated metropolis, sharing similar ambitions of economic and sus­tainable growth, but also struggling against social inequality, each one due to their particular reasons.

Such similarities may also explain the level of alignment between Brazil and India in foreign policies, representing a strategic partnership built on a common global vision, shared democratic values and a commitment to foster economic growth with social inclusion. Said cooperation is reflected in the intense and multifaceted relationship in larger multilateral bodies such as the United Nations (“UN”), World Trade Organization (“WTO”), United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (“UNESCO”) and World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”), as well as in several plurilateral fora such as the blocs Brazil, Russia, India and China (“BRICS”) as well as Brazil, South Africa, India and China (“BASIC”), the Group of Twenty (“G-20”), the G4 countries (“G-4”), the India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum (“IBSA”), International Solar Alliance (“ISA”), Biofuture Platform.

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