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United States trade war can benefit sales pork from Brazilian to China



The pork Brazilian exports can benefit from the possible rise of China’s import tariff to the United States. The finding is the president of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), Francisco Turra, from the announcement of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce of the possibility of increasing to 25% of tariffs for products North American pigs.

In 2017, the United States exported to China the equivalent of 275,000 tonnes of pork in nature, generating $ 488 million in revenue (source: TradeMap). In the same period, as ABPA, Brazil shipped 48 900 tons for the Chinese territory, with US $ 100.6 million revenue.

According to Turra, Chinese importers were already increasing their purchases since January this year. In two months, the cumulative high reaches 140%, with 25,500 tons shipped.

With the Russian embargo, the country took in February, the leadership among the largest pork buyers from Brazil, importing 11 959 tonnes in the month (the equivalent of 28.4% of the total).

“There was a notable increase in business with the Chinese market in the first two months of this year. In this context, Brazil has always expressed its interest in strengthening partnerships for food security in China. We see that from this new scenario, this partnership can be significantly increased by reducing the impact of the Russian embargo, “said the president of ABPA.