Home Administration Moreira Franco will become the next Minister of Mines and Energy

Moreira Franco will become the next Minister of Mines and Energy



Temer administration confirmed that the Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Moreira Franco, will take over the Ministery of Mines and Energy, which was vacated with the departure of Fernando Coelho Filho, candidate for re-election to federal deputy in Pernambuco. Moreira Franco is also executive secretary of the Partnership and Investment Program (PPI).

“President Michel Temer today defined that Minister Moreira Franco will take over the Ministry of Mines and Energy,” says the statement from the Presidential Press Office.

Last week, Temer government ministers stepped down to run for election in October. The electoral law foresees that the ministers who want to run in the elections had until April 7 to leave the positions, in the so-called desincompatibilização.

Ministers Ricardo Barros (PP), Ministry of Health, were exonerated; Maurício Quintella (PR), Ministry of Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation; Mendonça Filho (DEM), Ministry of Education; Marx Beltrão (MDB), Ministry of Tourism; Osmar Terra (MDB), Ministry of Social Development; Fernando Coelho Filho (MDB), Ministry of Mines and Energy; Leonardo Picciani (MDB), Ministry of Sport; Sarney Filho, Ministry of the Environment; Helder Barbalho (MDB), Ministry of National Integration; and Henrique Meirelles, Ministry of Finance.