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How Publishers Can Cash In On The 2018 FIFA World Cup In Russia



With the FIFA World Cup a mere two month’s away, teams from around the world are ramping up for game time. But players aren’t the only ones getting ready; industries like tourism, sportswear, and even pizza delivery are also preparing to cash in from the competition; and with the World Cup’s exceptionally extensive reach, they’d be crazy not to.

Back in 2014, nearly half the world’s population tuned in. More tourists visited Brazil than ever before, giving FIFA a whopping $527 million in ticket sales. The Guardian estimated that Domino’s pizza would bring in about $115 million in the UK alone, while sportswear manufacturers would see up to $14.5 billion in revenue.

So what does this mean for affiliate marketers? Well, it’s clear that this year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia will be game time for them, too; publishers stand to significantly benefit from running campaigns in industries related to the games. With that in mind, here are a few industries to consider working with, and how best to hit the ground running:

Travel sites that sell airfare and train tickets to Russia

By the end of January, more than four million FIFA World Cup tickets had been requested from fans around the world. By the middle of March, over 1.3 million tickets had been allocated after a second random selection draw, with sales set to re-open on a first-come, first-serve basis shortly afterwards.

While many of these tickets are held by Russian fans, 65% of them were allocated to global customers in this latest random selection round – with more than 20,000 – 30,000 fans travelling from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Germany and the US each. Evidently, a lot of people will be travelling to the Russian host cities – and well, this will prove to be a huge opportunity for global publishers.

How should one get started, then? Partner with an affiliate network with knowledge of Russian industries. Our own affiliate network Admitad holds 70% of the CPA (Cost per Action) market in Russia, for example, and we have partnerships with dozens of global brands to help publishers monetise the World Cup.

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