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Lula: A created myth by professional political marketing that still makes victims around the world

Former President Lula


The Workers’ Party, created by Lula and other leaders left-wing, today imprisoned for corruption and money laundering (billions of dollars) stolen from Petrobras and other government-controlled companies, hired gold the best marketers to promote and repeat, a lie, thousand times…

They told the world that his redistributionist policies helped raise millions out of poverty. They said that Lula improved the living conditions of workers, raised wages and created jobs. But the truth is that the populist policies, unsubstantiated or misleading, of the Workers’ Party were a smoke screen to hide the gigantic corruption scheme that went beyond the borders of Brazil.

Some of the former Latin American Presidents who are currently in jail or under investigation, including Panama’s Martinelli, the Peru’s former president Kuczynski, Cristina Kichner from Argentina, the current dictator of Venezuela, Maduro, among others, were fingered by Odebrecht officials for taking bribes in exchange for lucrative contracts. All this scheme was captained by Lula da Silva.

According Forbes, “In London, Jan Dehn, head of research at the Ashmore Group, a big Brazilian bond investor, thinks the whole Lula love affair these days is bordering on the ridiculous.”

“Lula deserves prison, not the Nobel Prize,” Dehn tells me. “Lula led Brazilian corruption from the front and mismanaged the economy leading to the deepest recession in modern Brazilian history. He has personally done more than anyone else in Brazil to increase poverty and betray the hopes of those who placed their trust in him. By getting caught and ending up in the slammer, he may finally be deserving of a prize — one given to corrupt leaders who show that political impunity is in retreat worldwide.”

For the past several years, judge Sérgio Moro—who also ordered Lula’s surrender—and a team of investigators and prosecutors have overseen operation Car Wash from the southern city of Curitiba. Hundreds of people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in bribery schemes operated out of the state-owned oil company, Petrobras, by executives of the construction giant Odebrecht, and at several other major Brazilian firms.