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Bolsonaro: The Trump of the sad tropics



Something that began as the excesses of an inexpressive politician, is becoming an unprecedented phenomenon for Brasilian standards. The phenomenon is called Jair Bolsonaro. In fact, Brazil does not have a cadidate identified with the positions considered right-wing politics since the end of the military regime.

The British newspaper The Guardian dedicated an article to explain what he calls “Trump of the tropics: the ‘dangerous’ candidate leading Brazil’s presidential race: Jair Bolsonaro has openly cheered dictatorship and publicly insulted women. Now he’s deploying Trump-like tactics in his race for the presidency.”

Bolsonaro is the first candidate, whom might win, to declare himself as a candidate identified with the dictatorship, which ruled the country from 1964 to 1985. This approach puts him as the first right-wing candidate since the redemocratization of Brazil.

His approuch makes sense to a growing number of Brazilians who believe that ‘democracy’ became the main means for criminal factions to take the Government control.

In fact, the Workers Party – PT – which ruled the country for 13 years, before being a political party, is a criminal group whose leadership, that is, all its leaders, from the presidents, secretaries, treasurers and main coordinators, are being investigated for corruption or jailed for several crimes, including its maximum leader: Lula da Silva.

The MDB Party, the main opposition during the military government, became the auxiliary line of the Workers’ Party, the main supporter of the governments of Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff until the impeachment of Rousseff’s .

The PT and MDB formed a coalition, which led a broad spectrum of small parties, without ideology, but that adhered to the grand scheme of corruption formed by the two major parties. Lula, Dirceu, Rousseff, Renan, Eunice, Sarney, Jucá form the leadership of corruption in Brazil.

The Supreme Court has members identified with this corrupt leadership and Congress lodges dozens of other lawmakers involved in the scheme that brought the country to the brink of catastrophe. That is, the Brazilian State, in general, is contaminated by corruption.

Public demonstrations by people across the country, in a television poll produced by TV Globo, Brazil’s largest television network, daily shows the people’s repudiation of corruption. All this makes Bolsonaro a leadership for answering this enormous conspiracy.

But Bolsonaro does not present anything new. His speech is a return to the past. At a time idyllic where the politicians were honest, and the government was commanded by military, without party. The return to the dictatorship. Many are willing to pay this price, to get rid of corruption. What they do not know is that the military government was as contaminated as the current government, because of corruption. One of the last remnants of that time is Paulo Maluf, now condemned and imprisoned.

According to the Gardian, “Now, however, Bolsonaro’s ideas have taken center stage, with the father of five leading the race to become Brazil’s next president after the jailing of his nemesis and main rival, the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.”

“In a sign the world is starting to take the prospect of Bolsonaro presidency seriously, Britain’s ambassador to Brazil recently held what he called an” interesting meeting “with the 63-year-old.”