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Brazilian elections, many candidates, few options



According a survey by Folha in the country’s states, federal and Supreme Courts shows that the Car Wash operation and its ramifications, as well as other embezzlement investigations, are a thorn in the side of at least eight potential candidates.

At least 15 of the 20 candidates who might run for president of Brazil in the October elections are targeted in more than 160 cases in courts throughout the country. Among the candidates with the best score in first forecasts, only the judge Joaquim Brabosa, away from of the Supreme Court by explicit request, he don’t legal pendencies.

Cases range from investigations for corruption, money laundering, obstructing in the operation Car Wash to traffic offenses, and while in some cases would-be candidates are still only under investigation, in others they are either accused, or defendants, or have been sentenced – one of them was even arrested: former president Lula da Silva.

This group is led by Lula as we was sentenced to 12 years and a month in jail, followed by the country’s current president, Michel Temer, accused in two cases and targeted by two ongoing investigations, Senator and former president Fernando Collor, who is a defendant in the operation Car Wash and the target of four other investigations. Also, the president of the Lower House, Rodrigo Maia, is being investigated in two cases in the biggest operation against corruption in the history of Brazil.

The former mayor of Sao Paulo, Fernando Haddad, and the former governor of Bahia, Jaques Wagner, both from Worker’s Party who could run as a plan B in place of Lula da Silva, are also the targets of investigations.

The former governor of Sao Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, had his case recently sent to the electoral courts, which made him avoid the immediate sight of the operation Car Wash.

Another would-be presidential candidate under investigation is Paulo Rabello de Castro (PSC), the president of BNDES, the country’s state-run development bank.

There is a second group facing charges for statements that could be considered crimes. The head of this group is Jair Bolsonaro (PSL), one of the leaders in the poles in the scenarios without Lula, reaching 17%.