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Former Brazil finance minister Palocci makes plea bargain deal



Former minister Antônio Palocci , arrested since 2016, has signed a plea bargain agreement with the Federal Police . According O Globo newspaper the negotiations would have advanced in recent days. The parties would have established the basis of the benefits granted to the former minister and concluded the phase of testimony, but the indictment has not yet been ratified by the Justice.

Palocci served as Finance Minister under former President Lula da Silva, who is currently serving time for taking bribes, and as chief of staff under Lula’s successor Dilma Rousseff. His testimony and admission of guilt could fuel new investigations and lead to arrests, O Globo said, citing an unnamed source close to the matter.

Palocci’s collaboration with the Federal Police (PF) comes after he has unsuccessfully tried to negotiate a demarcation with Car Wash’s prosecutors . In 2017, during the testimony to Judge Sergio Moro , the former minister spoke about his relationship with former President Lula and went so far as to say that the former president had a “blood pact” with Odebrecht .

Palocci is one of the few Car Wash convicts, who has important information on felony criminal structures still out of the reach of the police, an experienced investigator quoted in the O Globo newpaper report as saying.