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Court in Ceara breach secrecy of judge and advisors suspected for corruption



Investigation by the Federal Police found that the suspects were conducting court-martial proceedings at the Court of Justice to sell habeas corpus to drug traffickers. The PF continues to gather clues to indict and request the arrest of those involved

The court ruled that the telephone, tax and banking confidentiality of Judge retired Paulo Camelo Timbó and two of his then main advisers, lawyers Kaio Galvão de Castro and Anderson Josué Sales da Silva, had been violated. Reason: well-founded suspicions and evidence of the involvement of the three in the criminal scheme of sale of sentences in the State Court of Justice, a fact discovered by the Federal Police in “Operation Expresso 150”. In another decision, the court also denied Timbó’s defense request for the case to be handled in confidence.

The request was made to the judge of the 15th Criminal Court of Fortaleza, Fabrício Vasconcelos Mazza, by the Federal Police Superintendence, responsible for the police investigation that investigates the criminal scheme of the sale of sentences and injunctions in the scope of the Court of Justice of the State of Ceará and that has already identified several defendants, including four indictors.

Paulo Camelo Timbó was removed from office and eventually retired. However, it did not get rid of the investigation that is still in progress by the Federal Police, by determination of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). Now, the Justice has determined that in addition, his then advisers in the IHCE would be investigated.

In one part of the file, according to the Federal Police, there are strong indications that Kaio Castro and Anderson Sales had participated in the criminal scheme of selling habeas corpus for criminals. “In this toada, other dialogues between the investigated (the judge) and his advisors Anderson Joshua Sales da Silva and Kaio Galvão stand out, deserving a preferential analysis of a habeas corpus related to an agent accused of practicing qualified homicide, linked to trafficking of drugs, provided that the assessor finds elements that make the concession (habeas corpus) “palatable”.

In another section of an order of the judge, determining the breach of secrecy, the record of the testimony of a servant of the Court of Justice, when she referred “the proceedings of the judge Paulo Timbó with Kaio Castro and the occurrence of suspicious attitudes during shifts two investigated. They would have received money, in kind, to give rise to solicitations of lawyers during judicial shifts. ”

In determining the breach of bank and tax secrecy of Paulo Camelo Timbó and the two lawyers who were then advisors to the magistrate, the judge points out that “in this wake, acts of corruption consisting in the sale of judicial decisions for the release of criminals leads to discredit of the Judiciary , in addition to jeopardizing public order “.

The petition for breach of confidentiality of the investigated by the Federal Police had a favorable opinion from the State Public Prosecution Service.


The scandal that came down on the State Court of Justice was discovered when, in 2013, the Federal Police was conducting a drug investigation conducted by the Department of Combat Organized Crime. In the interception of telephone conversations duly authorized by Justice, PF discovered conversations and identified negotiations between prisoners and lawyers with a judge of the ECJ, with the purpose of articulating the sale of injunctions in habeas corpus, with a view to the issuance of permits from “gracious” release for the benefit of traffickers.

In the course of the investigations, it was possible for the PF to dismantle the criminal scheme of the sale of judicial decisions during the judicial offices of the Court of Justice, with the indication of the involvement of several agents, among them, lawyers, servers and judges.

According to the Justice, “In the course of the investigations, there were strong indications of the involvement of Judge Paulo Camelo Timbó, who at that time was sitting in one of the Criminal Chambers of that Court.” He and his aides now investigated may soon be jailed.