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Joaquim Barbosa announces that he will not run for the presidency



The Supreme Court former chairman, Joaquim Barbosa said that decision was ‘strictly personal’. Barbosa joined the PSB in April, which is now considering resigning from its own candidacy to form a center-left coalition.

Former President of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and retired court minister Joaquim Barbosa announced on Twitter that he will not run for the presidency of the Republic in 2018: “It is decided. After several weeks of much reflection, I finally came to a conclusion. I’m no intend to run for the presidency.

In April, the retired minister announced his affiliation to the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) . At the time, the caption said that it would initiate discussions on a possible candidacy of his to the Presidency. Joaquim Barbosa appeared in the third and fourth places in nine scenarios of the first round of the last Datafolha survey of intention to vote for president.

Barbosa’s affiliation with the PSB caused discomfort in former minister Aldo Rebelo, who had offered himself to the party as a possible candidate for the Planalto. Rebelo ended up leaving the acronym and adhering to Solidarity – a legend for which he pre-candidate for the presidency in April.

“As there was a tendency of the party for the candidacy of the former minister, I naturally preferred to leave the party at ease. And to seek, since there was an invitation, a legend that has identity with my thinking, my trajectory, my values ​​and with the perspectives that I see as promising for Brazil, “Rebelo said at the time about the PSB’s disengagement.

The PSB president, Carlos Siqueira, lamented the decision of Joaquim Barbosa. “We took the decision very calmly, we respected his decision.” “It’s inside our team, we knew he was internally divided, he made up his mind and now life goes on.

Siqueira said that the trend now is for PSB to relinquish its own candidacy to sign a coalition for this year’s elections. “We do not have a decision yet, but we are more prone to a center-left coalition.” The party will convene a meeting of the national executive next week to discuss the matter.

In a statement, the PSB affirmed that Barbosa’s deliberation was personal and that he continues searching for alternatives that contemplate “the ample popular clamor”. “The intimate reflection carried out by the minister made the candidacy not go ahead, a decision that the PSB understands, especially, because it is very personal.”