Home Administration ANAC deliberates on changes in aviation regulations

ANAC deliberates on changes in aviation regulations

National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC)

ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) will define three editions of the Brazilian Civil Aviation Regulation (RBAC), in a board meeting scheduled for today (15). Two texts are linked to the maintenance and the flight operation. The other refers to aviation schools.

RBAC 65 ​​is an operational flight dispatcher and aeronautical maintenance mechanic. The text has already had three changes, in 2011, 2012 and in 2013. Regulation 155 provides for the implementation, operation and maintenance of fire prevention, rescue and fire fighting services in civil airfields. The two themes are from the report of director Hélio Paes de Barros Júnior.

Standards for the operation of civil aviation training schools will also be discussed in the session. Regulation 141 also establishes the minimum standards that must be met for the homologation of the various courses to be taught. Also on the agenda is the process for issuing a resolution that establishes the administrative measures for exercising oversight activities.