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Poultry and pork exporters seek new business in SIAL CHINA 2018



At the moment the Chinese market increases its Brazilian protein purchases, the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) promote a great action of image promotion and business during the SIAL China, one of the most important feeding area of the event, held from 16 to 18 May in Shanghai.

Activity, carried out in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion (Apex-Brazil), will have an exclusive area of over 140 m², with the participation of 10 companies exporting poultry and pork: San Salvador Food, Coasul vibrates, BRF, Integra, GT Foods Agrosul, Adele, and Ecofrigo Castrolanda.

Hundreds of importers and potential customers are expected within the poultry and pig farming in Brazil in the three day event.

In addition to fostering new businesses, ABPA will act to strengthen the image of Brazilian export sector, with the distribution of promotional materials in English and Mandarin with information about the productive differential of Brazil and the contacts of exporters. Will also be distributed ecobags with sector marks Brazilian Chicken, Egg and Brazilian Brazilian Pork and maps with the locations of the cold of companies and cooperatives associated with ABPA.

“Participating in SIAL China has a great advantage: it is a trade that crosses borders. Importers from across Asia will attend the event. It is one of the most important fairs in generating exports for the sector, and will take place in a highly favorable time to increase business between Brazilian and Chinese, “said Francisco Turra, chief executive of ABPA.

China now ranks second on pork imports from Brazil. Destination was 39,300 tonnes between January and March this year, with US $ 83.7 million revenue. China is also the second main destination for Brazilian chicken meat, with 110,400 tons shipped in the first quarter, which generated US $ 204.9 million revenue.

More information on the sector projects in Brazil may be obtained from sites www.brazilianchicken.com.br , www.brazilianpork.com.br and www.brazilianegg.com.br , or also by fan pages fb.com/brazilianchicken , fb.com/brazilianpork ; and fb.com/brazilianegg